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Spectacular show! Our people have given you & your guys nothing but accolades. One comment, “this was a truly professional outfit.” - Billy Joe Turr


Great fireworks and great professional company. We had a great event at the second South Boston Virginia Strawberry festival 2018 and I will recommend Francisco Display Fireworks LLC to any event! -Vincenzo Ruotolo-Sarnataro

The fireworks were fantastic - and were a total hit for capping off the wedding. People thought we were getting ready to do a sparkler send-off and were all lined up with sparklers (not lit yet) — but then the fireworks started.  People were in awe. After the wedding, people texted us about the amazing wedding - and almost all commented on the fireworks. I think the length of the show was perfect.  Just enough to cap off the event, but not too long to be the main event. I appreciate so much your attention to detail to come out to the site to make sure we had the best launch place. It was perfect over the tent. If you ever need a recommendation, I would be glad to provide one. -Hunter 


THANK YOU for making our wedding something out of a storybook. The firework show was amazing (and truly magical)! We are still, 3 weeks later, getting compliments from guests who thought it was better than the 4th of July. -Ashley MacLeay


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